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Brief story


Self-taught Corsican artist, Jeremy Benvenuti was born in Ajaccio. He is known for his ability to push artistic boundaries. Working only in oil on canvas or cotton frames, his approach to portraits makes him one of the first names of his generation, recognized for his mastery of making black and white portraits.

Jeremy Benvenuti began his professional artistic career in September 2019. From an artist family, his mother, also a painter, has been pushing him from his earliest childhood to the artistic and musical world. Since then, he has produced numerous paintings, and has exhibited his work on networks and in Corsicans establishments.


Never having taken a course or training, it is through observation, analysis and his own approach that he creates his works, a mix between nostalgia for the passing of time with black and white, and modernity. subjects that he can implement. He knows that you have to constantly take risks, and that inspiration is found where you know how to look. To learn more about his vision, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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